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A few cricket enthusiasts (or should we say maniacs) gathered in the summer of 1999 and started playing cricket in the Cypress Point Apartments tennis courts, just for fun. The Gunn and Moore English Willow bat that we won playing the 1999 cricket world cup fantasy was one of the motivators to start playing cricket other than of course the love for cricket.


As we grew in strength, the tennis court was not enough to hold the heat so we started our quest for a bigger space and ended up at Webb Bridge Park in Alpharetta around the summer of 2000 and became the first-ever cricket team to play on city park baseball fields in North Atlanta. AS we bid goodbye to the Cypress Point Tennis courts, the tennis players over there took a sigh of relief as they didn't have to wait outside the tennis courts while we finish playing cricket :-)

The unavailability of the fields at Webb Bridge Park forced us to move to Alpharetta North Park where we were still the only cricket team to practice before couple more teams started practicing. Monsters have since then come a long way winning many trophies and accolades along the way and still going strong. The camaraderie shared by past and present players is unparalleled and the Hallmark of our team.



Naushad  Bhamani

Raj Rao

Vikas Samineni

Arun Samuga

Uday Hebbar

Rajavelu 'Bali' Subramanian

Sanjay Narla

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