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Looking forward to the New Season - 2017

As we wrap up the winter league and a few practice matches, looking forward to another Monstrous season ahead. The winter league, besides keeping us connected to the sport we adore, also gives us the chance to look at players and come up with the best possible combination for both teams. This past winter league was no exception as we found a few new additions to the Monsters family with Monstrous spirit.

Here is to the New Season and the Continuing Bonding!!

As every year, we will kick off the official season with the ACL Spring KO tournament - end of march, followed by the ACL League Season. We will be also playing various other tournaments in between - The prestigious VIBHA tourney, ACL Fall KO, GATA, GATS etc. Hoping for a rocking season for the Monsters and more importantly a very healthy, happy and prosperous year to every Monster and their family.

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